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Episode 32. Erectile Dysfunction and Dating: What Should He Do?

Our guest today bravely shared his story of ED and the struggles he has had dating. He wants a wife, but he is finding out that women don't want a man who can't get it up. What should he do? What should she do when it's her man who can't deliver?

Episode 31. Living Your Truth: Born Gay (Part 2)

This week on What She Said, we are featuring Carlos and Marco again for part 2 of last week's conversation. Their point of view and insight has had such an impact on us! You don't want to miss this.

Episode 30. Finding Their Place: Black, Gay, Educated, and God Fearing (part 1)

Meet out guests Marco Brooks and Carlos Richardson. On this episode of What She Said Podcast, host Shanae Hall has a wonderful, enlightening, and deep conversation with Marco and Carlos. In true Shanae fashion, she asks questions that not everyone will ask. This is a show that you will not want to miss and stay tuned for part 2 next week!

Episode 29. Bishop Marvin Sapp Is Back By Popular Demand

Bishop Marvin Sapp gives us insight into parental roles, fatherly roles, the role of a husband, and the role of a wife. Today's episode is insightful and fun with a nice little surprise at the end!

Episode 28. What Is a Woman’s Role?

Chief Ahlazar is back discussing a his views on a woman's role in a relationship and what the bible tells us. How important is communication? Should a woman be the provider? Another episode you don't want to miss!!

Episode 27. He Said She Said

On this episode of What She Said Podcast, two of our most popular guests return to discuss their views on polygyny, polygamy, and the Bible. Huldah Shlomit from episode 26 and Chief Priest Ahlazar from episodes -- and -- are amazing in this in depth conversation. You will want to listen until the end!

Episode 26. Polygamy/Polygyny from HER Perspective

In two earlier episode, we heard from Brian Casey of Jagged Edge and Chief Priest who gave us insight into polygamy and polygyny from a man's perspective based on their interpretation of the Bible. In this episode, we have author Huldah who gives her perspective on how SHE interprets polygamy and polygyny from a biblical and logical standpoint. This is one of the most captivating interviews that we have had. Huldah also goes into the trauma that black men experience and how that translates into dating, marriage, and our current state of affairs.SHOW LESS

Episode 25. The Unrealistic Expectations of Black Women

Tonight we are discussing women's expectations of men. Are women's (especially women of color) expectations of men too hight? Are our standards too high? Are women asking for more than they are offering? Tune in for this in-depth discussion.

Episode 24. A Conversation with Comedian, Actor, Producer Affion Crockett

We had an amazing interview with Affion Crockett. He gives so much insight on building your brand and how to make your hobby be your livelihood.

Episode 23. Should Women Take Responsibility For Their Own Actions When Intoxicated?

Tonight on WSS podcast we discuss the comments that Judge Joe Brown made... At what point in time do women have to hold themselves accountable for willfully taking drugs or drinking alcohol past their normal limit?

Episode 22. Why Women Are Better Cheaters!

Shanae and Josh discuss why women are considered to be better cheaters and what men always do that get them caught. Plus they delve into the difference between emotional cheating and physical cheating.

Episode 20. Why Men Cheat, Childhood Trauma, and Healing

Author and TV personality Shanae Hall, her mom Rhonda Frost and 2x NBA Champion Josh Powell discuss why men cheat and why they wait until it's too late to "act right." They also delve much deeper to discuss the trauma that black men experience over the course of their lives that lead them down a destructive rabbit hole, and what steps are needed to heal.

Episode 18. Are Bonnets, Fur Slippers, and Giving a Child the Mother’s Last Name a Sign of the Times?

On this episode of What She Said Podcast, host Shanae Hall and co-host Rhonda Frost are joined by our new co-host Josh Powell to discuss what is going on with women. The group weighs in on comedian Mo'Nique's recent comments on how women dress in public and how women get possessive of their children.

Episode 17. Stop With the Bullshit

On the episode of What She Said Podcast, host Shanae Hall and co-hosts Rhonda Frost and Josh Powell along with special guest David Butler discuss the challenges of dating after 40.

Episode 16. If Your Friend Slept With Your Significant Other Before You Met, Would You Want to Know?

On this episode of What She Said Podcast, host Shanae Hall and her co-hosts Rhonda Frost and Tina Shaw ask the question "Would you want to know if your spouse/boyfriend/girlfriend slept one of your friends?" Special guests Josh Powell and David Butler.

Episode 15. Is It Okay For Your Girl To Accept Drinks From A Stranger At A Bar?

We went live on this episode of What She Said Podcast! Host Shanae Hall and her co-host/mom Rhonda Frost chat live with former NBA player Darnell Jackson and Apt 4B owner Glen Wilson. You will definitely be surprised by some of the responses. Don't miss this!

Episode 14. Affion Crockett as Himself

On this episode of What She Said Podcast, host Shanae Hall and her co-hosts Rhonda Frost and Shai Ellison chat with Affion Crockett who is the epitome of ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’.  Of course the comedian has jokes, but he also speaks openly and honestly about his relationships and the role he plays. From Comedy to Sincerity, it’s an all-incisive episode you will not want to miss.

Episode 13. Bridging the Gap

It's easy for us women to dismiss the pain of men because they don't normally talk about it. Being vulnerable is just not their thing, or so we've been told. Men do not talk about brokenness, trauma, or childhood issues. So when we are trying to date or get to know them, too often we are left confused. We find ourselves asking "why does he act like that”? In this episode of What She Said Podcast, we interview two successful men, Josh a former NBA player, and Jay a successful producer and writer who put their pride aside and got real with us about love, pain, dating, and relationships. This conversation was more than we ever expected. These men showed us that men can talk and they do feel emotions but it just takes the right questions and a safe place to have the conversation. Whew! This is a must-watch show! 

Episode 12. 20 Things Women Wish Men Knew

On this episode of What She Said, Shanae Hall and co-host Rhonda Frost invite four other ladies to the panel to discuss all the things that women wish men knew before they started dating and the things that women hate, that men unknowingly do. 
This episode is certainly relatable for most women and I’m sure that some of the things that the ladies say during this episode will resonate with a lot of men around the globe. This is certainly not an episode that you want to miss. It's filled with comedy & pure adulterated truth, from a woman’s perspective! 

Episode 11. What Men Wish Women Knew

On this episode of What She Said, Shanae has a conversation with a panel of men to discuss some of the things that men wish women knew before they start dating and after they're in a relationship. The panel was open about their desires... everything from having their steak cut to not wanting their woman to touch the thermostat.

Episode 10. From $35 to Millionaire

On this SPECIAL EDITION episode of What She Said Podcast, host Shanae Hall sits down with the owners of Dunwoody Diamonds to discuss wealth building. This 30 minute episode could change your life.

Episode 9. A Deeper Look into Polygyny vs Monogamy

After such an engaging topic last week, Shanae and Rhonda had to bring back Ahlazar and Brian Casey for a part two to discuss the bible scriptures that contradict the rules of engagement as described in the previous podcast. This is definitely an episode that examines both sides of the coin a little more closely.

Episode 8. Does God Approve of Polygamy?

Shanae Hall and Rhonda Frost sit down with Brian Casey from Jagged Edge and Chief Priest Ahlazar in order to discuss what the Bible actually says about polygyny in various forms of polygamy.

Episode 7. Are You Worthy of Dating a “High Value Man”?

On this episode of What She Said Podcast, Host Shanae Hall tackles the problem with women and men looking for confirmation of our value from complete strangers. Image consultant Kevin Samuels has used his platform to issue out very brazen opinions of women, and what their “realistic expectations” SHOULD be, when it comes to dating. Shanae and her mother Rhonda share their opinions and personal experiences to prove that there are no absolutes. There is no perfect age, weight, size, shape or income that can determine who your life partner may be.  That can only be manifested by the universe.

Episode 6. Entrepreneur Drew Maloney – White Man Married to a Black Woman Finds Out Baby is Not His

On this episode of What She Said Podcast, host Shanae Hall and her co-host, JJ Coffee, interview successful entrepreneur Drew Maloney about love and marriage when finding out his wife is pregnant with another man's child.  What he does will shock you!

Episode 5. Bryan Michael Cox – All Things Black Culture

On this episode of What She Said Podcast Grammy award winning producer Bryan Michael Cox discusses how today's music is a reflection of the lifestyle hip-hop artists are living. Cox talks with host Shanae Hall and her co-hosts about growing up in a single parent household with a mom with very strict views on dating outside his race, finding love, and having his heart broken all while trying to heal from the traumas that black people have to deal with every day.

Episode 4. Grammy nominated gospel artist Marvin Sapp about love, marriage and keeping it sexy in and out of the bedroom.

On this episode of What She Said Podcast, Host Shanae Hall and her co-hosts have an open and honest discussion with Grammy nominated gospel artist Marvin Sapp about love, marriage and keeping it sexy in and out of the bedroom. Marvin Sapp talks about the woman being a helper to her man, monogamy and the importance of sex in a relationship. Marvin gives us tips on how to love and communicate with your partner, and we get a little glimpse into his personal life. Tune in to learn how to keep your relationship healthy and make it last forever.

Episode 3. Urologist Dr. Joel Abbott – Debunking the Myths of the Male Penis

On this episode of What She Said Podcast, Host Shanae Hall and Co-Host Tina Shaw sit down with Dr. Abbot and get answers to the questions women want to ask, but can't. The discussion covers penis size, erectile dysfunction, how to make sex better and more! Get the answers straight from the expert! Learn how to talk to your partner about sexual performance. This is a must-see episode!

Episode 2. Cedric the Entertainer – Tackling Affairs and Why The “Fairy Tale” of Affairs is so Appealing

On this episode of What She Said Podcast, Host and Co-Hosts Shanae Hall, Tina Shaw and Rhonda Frost asks none other than Cedric the Entertainer "Is it easier to date a single man or a married man?".  You will not want to miss this dynamic group discussing difficult topics.  Ced gives us the man's perspective in a way only the "King of Comedy" can!

Episode 1. “T.I. – Marriage, Sex and Parental Guidance”

On this episode of What She Said Podcast, Host and Co-Hosts Shanae Hall, Tina Shaw and Rhonda Frost will have an open and honest conversation with Grammy award winning rapper and producer Clifford “T.I.” Harris about some comments he made on his podcast ExpediTIously. As most of you know, T.I. does not shy away from expressing his truths and opinions about all things, and Shanae does not have a problem with asking the tough questions to truly breakdown barriers and build a better understanding of the male/female dynamic.

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